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JCB Highways Solutions.

Our road networks are essential, and with the growing need for transportation and new infrastructure development, the wear on roads has increased rapidly, resulting in various maintenance issues and potholes. That's why JCB offers a range of machines that can simplify highway maintenance. 

JCB machines cater to different maintenance requirements, from the JCB Pothole Pro and a range of site dumpers and tandem rollers to compact backhoe loaders and tracked excavators. These machines can undertake tasks like road maintenance, pothole repairs, and infrastructure improvements. 

With a focus on improving efficiency and safety, these machines have become essential for all highway maintenance needs. So, whether you need to fix potholes, repair broken sidewalks, or lay new asphalt, JCB machines can help get the job done quickly and easily. Take a look at the range of JCB Highways solutions. 

JCB Pothole Pro

The JCB Pothole Pro is a three-in-one solution that has won several awards for its ability to efficiently, economically, and permanently repair potholes.


With three dedicated attachments to cut, crop, and clean, additional specialist equipment or extra manpower is not required, saving you both time and money. Moreover, each pothole can be repaired in just eight minutes, which means you do not have to compromise on a quick fix that will not last. All you need to add is the tar.

JCB Site Dumpers

The JCB Stage V range of dumpers is highly manoeuvrable and can be used in narrow areas, making them perfect for various highway work. These machines are available in four weight categories, ranging from the JCB 1 ton dumper to the JCB 9 ton dumper. They all offer superior levels of safety, strength, and innovation. Fitted with JCB's core componentry ensures these dumpers have maximised performance and are easy to operate. Adding a JCB site dumper to your fleet is a great choice.

JCB Tandem Rollers

JCB vibratory tandem rollers are a reliable and versatile machine that can assist with various tasks in highway applications. These rollers are suitable for repairing potholes, performing general road maintenance and surfacing, creating footpaths and walkways, and more. With a range of JCB tandem rollers available, there is sure to be one that meets your needs.

JCB 3CX Compact Backhoe Loader

The 3CX Compact backhoe is a highly versatile and manoeuvrable machine designed to operate in urban and limited-space environments. It has a wide range of backhoe loader attachments that enable it to tackle various jobs. The machine can work with multiple devices, including drainage systems, forklifts, and curbstone movers. Additionally, it can carry materials such as hot tar or load salt into gritters. With a 6m turning circle, it can also work in a single carriageway, so you can keep a road open.

7918451077_50102 (1).png
JCB 245XR Excavators

The JCB 245XR tracked excavator is designed to work safely in tight, congested areas, such as modern highways. With its reduced tailswing, the excavator has a tailswing radius of only 1.72m, allowing it to work safely against buildings and road barriers. Additionally, the excavator's short front swing and reduced tailswing reduce the working radius by 1.6m, allowing it to work efficiently in small areas. The 245XR offers the operator exceptional comfort and power in a compact footprint.

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