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Charting a New Path: Bob's Journey as a Plant Engineer Apprentice at Midlands JCB.

Robert Spencer, Plant Engineer Apprentice, shares his thoughts on apprenticeships.

Bob, a plant engineer apprentice at Midlands JCB
Robert (Bob) Spencer stands in front of a Midlands JCB Service and Support van.

Robert Spencer (Bob) is apprenticing with Midlands JCB as a Plant Engineer apprentice. Having worked in sales and pharmaceuticals and not being entirely happy, Bob came across an opportunity at Midlands JCB and knew it was a role that better suited him. He took on an apprenticeship to gain hands-on skills whilst also gaining qualifications.

Bob says, "Every day is a school day, and I'm always learning, and that's not just the hands-on work; my supervisor, Mick, who is 73, has plenty of experience to teach me something new every day, and the rest of team are also great in sharing their knowledge and experiences!"

Bob has come to realise that completing an apprenticeship not only provides you with skills but also teaches you how to continue learning throughout your career. He understands that the learning process does not end when the apprenticeship is completed. According to Bob, his supervisor Mick still utilises the knowledge he gained many years ago and uses it to work daily while teaching Bob at the same time. Even today, Mick continues to learn and develop new skills.

Bob hopes to improve his critical thinking skills, which he believes are essential for his career in engineering. As an engineer, he often has to think quickly and efficiently to solve problems. He is learning how to use Midlands JCB's systems in his daily role, which has been the most valuable skill he has acquired so far. This practical knowledge has enabled him to carry out his tasks safely and sensibly, as well as allowing him to be proactive in performing his duties. Bob hopes to continue developing his skills so he can work independently.

Bob is determined to remain in the engineering industry and has a long-term goal of continuing his career at JCB. He believes that participating in an apprenticeship program will give him a competitive edge by providing him with comprehensive knowledge and skills in all areas of the job. This will enable him to acquire a diverse range of skills that he can apply to other roles in the future.

Supervisor Mick checks Bob is conducting an oil check successfully.
Robert Spencer is been shown how to successfully check the oil levels of a JCB 8026 CTS Tracked Excavator.

Apply to Join Midlands JCB as an apprentice.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in engineering and plant equipment, Midlands JCB can help you kickstart your journey. We offer apprenticeships for service engineers, who are responsible for carrying out a wide range of daily tasks, such as servicing a tracked excavator or providing assistance to customers with machine repairs.

We are currently looking for individuals to join our teams at the Stoke-on-Trent and West Bromwich depots. If you want to apply, please email Michael Daniel at with your current CV and let us know why you would like to join Midlands JCB.

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