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The Stage V 150X 15 tonne machine sits perfectly alongside its highly acclaimed 20 tonne big brother.


  • Max. Engine Power: 81 kW 
  • Max. Dig Depth: 6,063 mm 
  • Max. Bucket Capacity: 0.89 m³ 
  • Tailswing: Conventional 
  • Max. Operating Weight: 17,861 kg 


  • We wanted to build a machine that doesn't just look strong, it is strong. Thanks to 4 years of development and thousands of hours of extreme testing, that's just what we did.

    • Machine shaker rig testing to replicate 15,000 hours of tracking and vibration.
    • 30,000 window and door operation tests prove component quality.
    • Hot and cold climate testing (55°C to -30°C) in controlled conditions and locations around the world.
    • The Stage V DIESELMAX engine has been tested to 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest environments.
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