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The 35Z-1 is a New Generation Stage V machine with no need for electronic control, aftertreatment or EGR. It has zero tailswing for easy and safe manoeuvrability, especially in confined spaces and 100% steel bodywork


Max. Dig Depth: 3.48 m 

Max. Dump Height: 3.53 m 

Max. Engine Power: 18.4 kW 

Power Type: Diesel 

Tailswing: Zero 

Operating weight: 3,556 kg 


  • Customers demand high quality, reliable and durable machines that stand the test of time. That’s why our latest 3.5 tonne excavators are designed and built to be robust.

    • 100% STEEL bodywork makes our mini excavators strong and easy to repair.
    • Heavy-duty kingpost  features durable re-bushable pivots to optimise service life.
    • The cab door sits within the counterweight length when folded back, so it’s protected from damage throughout operation
    • Zero tailswing 35Z-1 stays within it's footprint when slewing for safer working on compact sites.
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