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The 3CX Compact backhoe is a highly versatile, manoeuvrable machine specialising in various urban and limited-space environments.


  • Max. Dig Depth: 5 m 
  • Shovel Capacity: 0.7 m³ - 0.92 m³
  • Max. Engine Power: 55 kW 
  • Max. Reach: 1.16 m - 1.22 m
  • Travel Speed: 40 kph 
  • Operating Weight: 6,070 kg 

3CX Compact

  • Space is becoming a premium.

    • 35% smaller than a standard backhoe loader.
    • 2m wide and 2.74m high - 50cm narrower than a standard backhoe, 25% lower than a standard 3CX.
    • Low working height unlocks a new range of previously inaccessible work sites, such as low level buildings and basements.
    • 6m turning circle and 2m width means it can work in a single carriageway allowing a road to be kept open.
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