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The JCB 403E Wheel Loader delivers less noise, less maintenance, less vibration, less hassle, and all with less pollution. 


Part of the E-TECH family, this brand new zero-emission electric wheel loader produces no engine noise, making it ideal for use in noise sensitive areas. Combined with its compact size, the 403E is perfect for working indoors, underground or in other enclosed spaces. Plus, with a payload of over 850kg, it provides excellent lift performance for such a small machine.


Product Specifications:

  • Payload : 640 kg 
  • Shovel Capacity : 0.5 m³ 
  • Full Turn Tipping Load : 1,237 kg 
  • Operating Weight : 2,729 kg 
  • Power Type : Electric 




  • Because our new compact wheel loading shovel is electric, you will notice a lot less noise when you work. You’ll be able to hear yourself think and even talk to your colleagues without having to shout. So, sit back and enjoy a quiet day at the office.

    • With no mechanical diesel engine, there’s minimal engine noise, meaning this electric loading shovel can be used in noise sensitive areas.
    • With less noise, the operator can communicate with people around them which leads to safer, more efficient ways of working. 
    • Increases productivity as reduced noise means operators experience less fatigue. 
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