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The 411 can perform great feats of productivity.


With high power and torque, the 411 meets Tier 4 Final emissions legislation without the need for periodic regeneration.


Product Specifications:

  • Payload : 2,793 kg 
  • Shovel Capacity : 1.4 m³ 
  • Max. Engine Power : 81 kW 
  • Full Turn Tipping Load : 5,451 kg 
  • Operating Weight : 8,722 kg 
  • Power Type : Diesel 


  • The 411 can perform great feats of productivity with high power and torque.

    • 123 l/min double gear pump hydraulics for fast cycle times and excellent multifunctioning capability.
    • A variable geometry turbocharger provides increased performance at low engine speed for improved cycle times and tractive effort.
    • JCB EcoMAX 4.4-litre engine produces peak power of 80kW (108hp) and 516Nm of torque at low revs for excellent response.
    • Choice of axle options to tailor performance to any application.
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