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With a long reach and superior performance, the latest 533-105 Loadall is designed to meet the unique demands of any site head-on.


  • Max. Lift Height: 10.22 m 
  • Max. Lift Capacity: 3,300 kg 
  • Max. Engine Power: 55 kW 
  • Max. Reach: 6.94 kg 


  • Class-leading JCB hydraulics produce fast cycle times, ensuring the most efficient lifting, extending and pushing.

    • A JCB Construction Loadall is extremely manoeuvrable; the compact wheelbase, large steering lock angles and 3 steer modes save valuable time on site.
    • The Stage V DieselMAX engine produces its power and torque at low engine speeds, which makes it highly responsive to operate.
    • The latest Stage V legislation compliant 55kW (75HP) engine from JCB offers a combined DPF/ DOC after treatment package achieving Stage V emissions levels without the need for DEF injection, minimising the impact on machine service and operation.
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