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Unrivalled reach with Europe's only 20m rigid chassis telehandler.


The JCB 540-200 Loadall telehandler is truly an industry-leading machine, offering incredible reach, a 20m lift height, all-terrain capability and proportional boom extend/retract. Alongside this, the JCB 540-200 Loadall is also equipped with an ultra clean and efficient JCB Dieselmax Stage V engine. 


Product Specifications:

  • Max. Lift Height : 20 m 
  • Max. Lift Capacity : 4,000 kg 
  • Max. Engine Power : 55 kW 
  • Max. Reach : 15.9 kg 
  • Travel Speed : 29 kph 
  • Operating Weight : 12,985 kg 


  • A clever 5-piece boom design uses chains to extend or retract all the sections proportionally in one fast, smooth movement.

    • Class-leading JCB hydraulics produce the fastest cycle times, ensuring the most efficient lifting, extending and pushing. A variable speed cooling fan automatically reacts to ambient temperature, adjusting fan speed for maximum economy and minimum noise. 
    • The JCB 540-200 Construction Loadall telehandler boasts excellent manoeuvrability and fast travel times across site, courtesy of a compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles.
    • Multi-function single lever servo control provides fast and accurate load placement. Controlling your 540-200 Loadall’s direction is easy too, with just a flick of a switch.
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