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The JCB 8010 CTS micro excavator is the larger of our two micro excavators, weighing in at 1028kg. It boasts a 13.8kW engine and an extending undercarriage.


  • Max. Dig Depth: 2.15 m 
  • Max. Dump Height: 1.89 m 
  • Max. Engine Power: 13.8 kW 
  • Power Type: Diesel 
  • Tailswing: Conventional 
  • Operating weight: 1,110 kg

JCB 8010 CTS Micro Excavator

  • JCB micro excavators are remarkable both for their compact size and the fact that they're extremely powerful.

    • Compact design giving superb performance in the most restricted areas.
    • Increased digging forces and lift capacity allows use of larger attachments.
    • An extending undercarriage gives greater stability and class -leading dig depth and reach 
    • Exceptional leg room and no change-over switches to confuse the user.
  • The JCB 8010 CTS is designed to maximise productivity and save man-hours.

    • Daily service checks are quick and easy to carry out.
    • A 11.5 litre fuel tank means you get a full day’s running time with no need to stop what you are doing and fill up.
    • Transfer by trailer allows fastr transfer from site to site.
    • All functions operate independently of each other for easy operation
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