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The G150RS rental generator delivers the power you need, wherever you operate. Every application is different, which is why the RS generator range can provide prime, standby, load share or auto start power, to provide the most flexible and versatile power. So, you’ve always got the right solution for your needs.


  • Prime Rated: 150kVA
  • Standby Rated: 165 kVA
  • Stage 5 Engine
  • Sockets
  • Rental Base
  • 50/60Hz Switchable
  • Total fuel capacity: 468 L
  • Noise - dBA @ 7m: 68




  • Minimal engine noise allows for around the clock operation, as well as in noise sensitive areas. Plus, a quiet site results in better communication between staff.

    • Available in either silent or super-silent versions.
    • Engine fan design optimised to deliver quiet cooling at all loads.
    • Intensive vibration analysis to minimise engine noise when in use.
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