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The G18RS rental generator delivers the power you need, wherever you operate. So, you can be confident that your power source is reliable, efficient, and high performing.


  • Prime Rated: 18kVA
  • Standby Rated: 20 kVA
  • Stage 5 Engine
  • Sockets
  • Rental Base
  • 50/60Hz Switchable
  • Total fuel capacity: 100L
  • Noise - dBA @ 7m: 63




  • JCB’s generators for rent enable customers to remain in control of their fleet with engines and alternators set up to work in perfect harmony, providing the ultimate efficiency and load acceptance.

    • Large 24-hour fuel tanks as standard or 48-hour tanks to reduce filling intervals.
    • Intelligent load management to prevent premature failures and increase machine life.
    • Automatic DEF top-up system for maximum productivity and extended run times.
    • JCB Livelink Telematics as standard for remote fleet management and optimised servicing.
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