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A SmartStep forward in safety

The HTD-5 is a compact, ride-on, high-tip, diesel-powered Dumpster, designed to save you time, energy and money. Now with our new optional SmartStep feature, it’s also one of the safest and most comfortable machines on the market.


Product Specifications:

  • Max. Carrying Capacity : 500 kg 
  • Max. Tip Height : 2.72 m 
  • Max. Tracking Speed : 4 kph 
  • Power Type : Diesel 
  • Width : 0.69 m 
  • Operating Weight : 975 kg 



  • When it comes to unloading, the skip is operated hydraulically from below and is able to discharge from an exceptional tip height of 1450mm directly into skip or high sided vehicle.

    With a machine width of just 690mm, the HTD-5 fits through any standard doorway or gate. This allows you to access areas other machines can’t, making the HTD-5 ideal for the rental, housebuilding, landscaping, agriculture industries and many more.

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