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Get the power, lift, and stability to move materials quickly and efficiently with the all-new JCB 26C-1, featuring a Generation Stage V Conventional tail swing.

This 2.5-ton mini excavator can handle the heaviest loads while firmly standing its ground – and delivers the premium quality, reliability and LiveLink support you'd expect from JCB. Plus, it's fully optimised for safe towing in 3,500kg restricted regions, so you can rest assured it's fully transportable. 


Max. Dig Depth: 3.03 m 

Max. Dump Height:3.24 m 

Max. Engine Power: 18.4 kW 

Power Type: Diesel 

Tailswing: Conventional 

Operating weight: 2,675 kg

JCB 26C-1 Mini Excavator

  • You can expect exceptional performance from the 2.5t 26C-1 mini excavator. JCB has significantly upgraded the hydraulics, tracking, and attachments; a brand-new engine now powers it.


    • The New Stage V Kohler 18.4 kW engine reduces fuel consumption by 5%.
    • Maximises excavating and lifting duties with low noise, vibration and fuel usage.
    • Smooth and precise tracking for high dozer capabilities and fast travel times.
    • Auto Kickdown track motors adapt to changes in terrain, enhancing productivity and keeping operators focused for longer.
    • Twin auxiliary lines facilitate an array of attachment operations with high and low hydraulic flows, with up to 10 pre-sets for control from the comfort of the cab.
    • Optional bolt-on counterweight to improve stability and lift performance
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