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Cut. Crop. Clean. With one machine.


The award-winning JCB Pothole Pro is a unique 3 in 1 solution specifically designed to sort out any pothole repair or large reinstatement operations, efficiently, economically and permanently. Because it comes with 3 dedicated attachments to cut, crop and clean, there’s no need for additional specialist equipment or extra manpower, saving you both time and money. And with a typical pothole repaired in 8 minutes, why compromise on a quick fix that won’t last, when you can have quick and permanent? In fact, all you need to add, is the tar.


  • Repair m2 : £29.28
  • Pothole Repair : 8 mins
  • Area / day : 250m2


  • From the comfort of the cab.

    • 600mm planer with hydraulic depth control improves operator accuracy and performance.
    • Side shifting planer can plane against the roadside curb.
    • Self-levelling provides consistency, regardless of the gradient.
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