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The powerful and efficient JCB TM320 is designed to be as productive as possible.


A powerful engine, permanent 4WD, servo controls and numerous other benefits are built in. With articulated steering, telescopic reach and a huge range of attachments, the JCB TM320 is a supremely productive machine. In short, the TM320 combines the features of a wheel loading shovel with the benefits of a telescopic boom to give great versatility on any site.


Product Specifications:

  • Max. Lift Capacity : 3,200 kg 
  • Max. Lift Height : 5.2 m 
  • Max. Engine Power : 93 kW 
  • Max. Reach : 2.95 m 
  • Travel Speed : 33 kph 
  • Operating Weight : 8,142 kg 


  • We've designed the JCB TM320 telescopic wheel loader to be supremely productive.

    • The easy to use variable flow hydraulic system means the JCB TM320 can work seriously hard.
    • Auto Smoothride System (SRS) engages at speeds over 4mph/6kph, improving load retention and comfort.
    • New 4 speed intelligent powershift transmission provides a range of speeds up to 33kph.
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